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Working with Individuals & Families

Developing a plan for your financial future is often challenging.  Our simple four step process will help make you feel more comfortable with your decisions.

  • Step 1 - Set and prioritize your goals
  • Step 2 - Create your own action plan
  • Step 3 - Implement your plan
  • Step 4 - Monitor your progress

Once your goals have been established, we can customize a plan that is designed to suit your vision and objectives.  We can help you execute a financial strategy by using a variety of products and services.

We understand goals and needs consistently change, that's why we meet with you regularly to monitor progress and to make adjustments when necessary. 

Working with businesses to find solutions

Running a successful business takes time, strategy and hard work.

You may find yourself designing or manufacturing products, working with vendors, helping customers or managing employees. No matter the kind of business you run, you have a remarkable capacity for strategy - planning years into the future despite many variables. 

Many family business owners simply don't plan for their personal financial future, or for the next generation's ownership.  Some have heirs ready to take over, assuming the transition will take care of itself.  Others simply avoid thinking about the day when they're no longer in control of the family business that they have diligently nurtured.  Still, others hesitate to jump into an arena they know little about. 

You've put in long hours building your business and your legacy so that you can pass it on intact.  Because no one knows what tomorrow will bring, now is the time to plan for that transition.  Thankfully, you have options!  And, we'll help you through some simple steps to create a strategy that can help you and your family.  We specialize in:

  • Business Protection
  • Business succession
  • Disability Income Protection
  • Key employee retention & retirement
  • Legacy & Estate Planning strategies

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